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Credit Union Member Service and Compliance Training Modules

Credit unions have their own training requirements, and Deal With It has an entire series of modules just to meet them. All of our modules can be used with the Deal With It game, or in individual short-format credit union training sessions. You are welcome to pick and choose to meet your needs, with or without the basic game. If needed, all modules can be customized for you. Call for details!

  1. Credit Union Member Service Training Two volumes are available. Both modules include 63 situations questions that emphases what tellers and new member personnel say to members in common member service situations. ($59 each) order Credit Union member service training modules

  2. Credit Union Teller Procedures Training
    This module has 72 questions to make sure your tellers know what to do to follow up and deliver excellent teller member service. Many credit unions have found this module to be an excellent test for their teller manual knowledge. ($59) order Credit Union member service training modules

  3. Credit Union Internal Member Service Training This module is divided into three portions and is designed with a focus on the staff interaction between frontline personnel (tellers and new member representatives) and the support staff. This module includes 48 Question cards for the support staff, 33 Question cards for front-line staff, and 27 common Question cards for any staff member. Ideal for credit unions with multiple locations or remote processing. ($59) order Credit Union member service training modules

  4. Credit Union Call Center Member Service / Phone ervice Ideal for both credit union call center personnel and branch personnel that field phone based member service requests. 63 questions are included. 22 of these questions are common to the Front-line Personnel Vol. 1 module.($59) order Credit Union member service training modules

  5. Credit Union Online Banking and Internet Member Service 54 scenarios common in credit union online banking environment. Technical situations are limited to common issues experienced by credit union members. ($59) order Credit Union member service training modules

  6. Credit Union Member Lending Compliance Training This module has 72 situations for loan officers and loan servicing staff. It covers compliance-related issues at loan origination and post-loan member service. An answer guide is included and is ideal for individual or paired study. ($59) order Credit Union compliance training modules

  7. Credit Union Privacy Compliance Training
    These 63 questions with answer guide are designed to be a practical test of how your staff will respond to member inquiries concerning the new privacy regulations. Approximately half of the situations will apply to smaller credit unions, while larger institutions will find this comprehensive module will cover any policy.($59) order Credit Union compliance training modules

  8. Credit Union Fair Lending Act Compliance Training
    These 72 discussion-questions address fair lending act compliance issues that arise throughout the lending process. There are scenarios and questions for everyone, from the loan receptionist to the credit union's loan committee. This module includes an answer guide. ($59) order Credit Union compliance training modules

  9. Credit Union Teller Compliance Training
    questions for credit union tellers covering Regs. E, P, DD, CC, Check Kiting, The Bank Secrecy Act, and Money Laundering. A Supervisor's/Manager's supplement is included with an additional 54 questions. Both sets include Answer Guides. (Expanded Module, $89) order Credit Union compliance training modules

  10. Credit Union Branch Security Issues Training Our largest single module with 126 situations and questions make up this module. Issues covered run from opening to closing, to cash handling and other standard operating procedures, including active and post-robbery. The included answer guide is ideal for most institutions, and customizing is available. ($59) order Credit Union security training module

    Click here for additional modules for your team's Professional Development. Topices range from Business Etiquette to Diversity, from Ethics to Employee Relations Click here for links to samples of these modules.

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