Quick and Easy Bank Branch Sales, Service and Compliance Meetings

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Quick and Easy Pre-Shift Meetings

Quick and Easy Bank Branch Sales, Service and Compliance Meetings

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Make Sales and Service Meetings easy on you, and the Bank!

You need to keep your staff sharp, and keep their skills and knowledge up to date. You can send the QE topics of your choice to each branch manager or teller supervisor and supply them with the materials they need to conduct effective branch sales and service meeting. Check out these samples.

Customer Service includes issues that may confront tellers, receptionists, and branch management personnel. These situations are wide-ranging and realistic. Customer service training should not be just a new hire class. Your tellers are the face of your customer service; you can keep them the difference makers.

Sales Opportunities has scenarios and dialogues designed to prompt staff members to recognize sales opportunities and respond with logical product and service offerings. Recognizing and responding to objections, proper referrals and closing, are covered. Occasional Conversation Starters are included to help generate interest. This is an ideal topic to protect your investment into a sales culture.

Compliance Issues - Tellers takes a street-level approach to compliance where real-life scenarios are presented. Scenarios relate directly to specific compliance regulations, including: The Bank Secrecy Act, E, P (Privacy), CC, DD. Using these topics in your branch sales and service meetings can go a long way toward keeping teller related compliance fresh in the minds of your staff.

Compliance Issues - Lenders and Managers also uses life-like situations to give a practical understanding and test of compliance related issues. All teller related regulations are covered from a management perspective and additional regulations are added, such as, The Fair Lending Act. This is an ideal email topic for your branch managment personnel to keep them on their toes.

Branch Security Keep your team prepared, and mindful of the issues that will keep them and your customers safe. Branch sales and service meetings are an ideal time to remind your team of proper procedures.

Basic Management Skills has scenarios covering leadership, decision-making, motivation, time-management, training subordinates, and communication.

Employee Relations includes situational questions ranging from diversity to the friction created when employees interact with staff members within their own, and other departments.

Professional Standards contains ethics, etiquette, dress and grooming standards in our easy discussion format. This is an excellent venue for setting guidelines and ensuring practical understanding of these criteria.


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