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Pre-Shift Meetings for Professionals

Service Meetings are easy to deliver via email or posted on your intranet!

Any business can see superb increases in performance with regular team meetings. We can write custom material if needed. The following are samples of some of our regular weekly topics.

Client Service includes realistic situations, customized for your business, that will help your team keep their service skills sharp.

Healthcare Customer Service is focused on patient service delivery for the direct care staff. Issues are blended to include some of the administrative concerns that effect direct care service delivery.

Healthcare Office Personnel Customer Service has questions geared to the frontline office staff including making appointments, billing and insurance issues.

Basic Management Skills has scenarios covering leadership, decision-making, motivation, time-management, training subordinates, and communication.

Employee Relations includes situational questions ranging from diversity to the friction created when employees interact with staff members within their own, and other departments.

Professional Standards contains ethics, etiquette, dress and grooming standards in our easy discussion format. This is an excellent venue for setting guidelines and ensuring practical understanding of these criteria.


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