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Quick and Easy Bank Branch Sales, Service and Compliance Meetings

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Quick and Easy Retail Pre-Shift Sales and Service Meetings

Pre-Shift Meetings for Professionals

Quick and Easy Pre-shift, and Sales and Service Meetings.

Your institution's success is dependent upon your staff's
mastery of sales and service skills, and compliance knowledge.

Make your Pre-shift meetings Quick and Easy on Yourself, with QE!

What is QE?

QE is Electronic. As an email subscription service, it delivers discussion material to your branch managers each week for their sales and service staff, or pre-shift meetings. We will distribute it directly, or you can choose to receive a single copy for your own forwarding distribution. This takes Pre-Shift Meetings in a Box to a new level.

QE is Easy. Your QE Topic Sheets are sent in two formats for Quick and Easy delivery. An Acrobat PDF attachment is included for an easy to print and read Topic Sheet, as well as a simple text format, allowing you to cut and paste the discussion material into your own documents and templates. *A fax delivery is available, please ask for details, if interested.

QE is Effective. Each QE Topic sheet offers ample material for your managers to conduct a serious discussion of the topics you choose. Each Topic Sheet has a real-life scenario with a range of possible approaches or answers. Key points are added to expand the discussion to include implications of answers and additional issues to consider. These are ideal for using a single topic over the course of many days, if you conduct short, daily pre-shift meetings.

QE is Economical. QE is your most cost efficient option for alternative training delivery. Your investment is literally just pennies per week, per branch, for each Topic Sheet. Our Multiple Topic Discounts offer additional savings for each additional Topic subscription.

QE is Extensive. You can choose from up to seven Topic areas. (Click the Links to the left for PDF Samples.)

Check out Your QE options!

1. Choose the number of Topics you want each week, from 1 up to 8, depending on your industry. The more you subscribe to, the lower your cost for each Topic! The Cost Chart below has pricing for up to 3 topics. Please call if you would like a quote for more than three topics per week.

2. You can choose a Rotational Subscription, where you receive Topics on a rotating basis. For example: You could subscribe to 2 Topics, receiving Customer Service one week, and one Sales Opportunity Topic the next week. Or you could receive Compliance Issues - Tellers, and Compliance Issues - Lenders and Managers on alternating weeks. You can also choose to have a Rotational Subscription, as an additional subscription while receiving a single topic ever week! You can even change your Topic subscriptions at any time, to adjust to the changing needs for your institution.

3. You can send us your Email Distribution List or forward QE using your own intranet, or both.

4. We have Annual and Semi-Annual subscriptions available. All costs below are for an entire subscription period per location

Number of
Receiving QE

52 Delivery

Cost each,
52 Deliveries

26 Delivery

52 Deliveries

52 Deliveries
Single $23.50 $ .4519 $ 14.10 $ 19.98 $ 59.98
2 to 6 $19.95 $ .3836 $ 11.97 $ 16.96 $ 51.37
7 to 15 $16.95 $ .3260 $ 10.17 $ 14.41 $ 43.61
16 to 50 $14.95 $ .2875 $ 8.97 $ 12.71 $ 38.46
51-100 $12.95 $ .2490 $ 7.77 $ 11.01 $ 33.32
101-540 $10.95 $ .2106 $ 6.57 $ 9.31 $ 28.17
541-1999 $9.95 $ .1913 $ 5.97 $ 8.46 $ 25.60
2000+ $8.95 $ .1721 $ 5.37 $ 7.61 $ 23.03

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