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Prosuasion is the unique suggestive sales training solution.

Prosuasion is a fun training tool that takes a proactive approach. It uses concise, real-world scenarios and dialogs to test and sharpen sales skills. The exercises are designed to teach reasoned progressions for offering additional items, using easy dialogs and body language, attractively offering complimentary products, recognizing pitfalls, and properly following through.

Prosuasion is versatile and will fit many training formats. It makes an excellent stand alone, on-going training program, and is ideal to enhance or test previous training. It uses both solitaire and small-group game formats to give you decentralized training, designed to fit your managers’ schedules and abilities without the need for special equipment or even a formal training room.

It will help your territory and store managers identify areas and personnel needing improvement; and is the perfect tool to correct those problems. It can fit classroom/ orientation sessions, weekly staff meetings, or informally to build and hone personal skills during breaks or when activity ebbs.

Customized to be your own!

Developing your own program can take a substantial investment in resources. We make having a customized sales program easy for you. Prosuasion ships customized to fit your unique culture. For no additional cost we include your product and service titles, their notable features and benefits ensuring your team builds their selling skills around your offerings. We can design modules with your logo, colors and contact information as well.

The Need

To excel at suggestive selling, your service team needs to have confidence. The skills needed to effectively offer additional products are not difficult to learn but these skills do require practice and repetition to master. To effectively offer add-on items to your customers, your team needs to have more than a single canned presentation. They need to be able to recognize opportunities and adapt to the customer.

The Solution

Prosuasion brings together the major keys needed to successfully suggestive sell to your customers. Those associates that already make the attempt to suggestively sell, will be able to use the material to personalize and add variety to their offers. Inexperienced employees will get to see the big picture of suggestive sales, and there is more to success than simply asking a customer if he or she "would like some fries to go with that burger."

Prosuasion brings out some of the fine points and details that can allow each member of the team to take their performance to the next level. It allows participants a fun and easy way to practice and build confidence in a low stress format.

It is designed in a modular format, allowing individuals to concentrate on areas of weakness, and giving managers a number of 10 to 20-minute exercises to rev-up their sales meetings. Prosuasion is not an ‘off-the-shelf’ program. It is customized for your company by including your product line and service nomenclature. Your associates learn techniques to sell your products using quick and fun card games. Some games are similar to Solitaire while others will remind you of Rummy or War. But don’t be mislead. These are not regular playing cards with some sales terms slapped on. Prosuasion was designed from the ground up to cover three critical sales areas. 1) Knowing the keys to sales, including offering dialogues and body language. 2) Attractively offering add-on products. 3) Recognizing sales opportunities and knowing which products are complementary.

Different Versions for Different Industries

We have three basic versions of Prosuasion (click for samples) including one for Retailers, a version for Restaurants and another for Financial Institutions. Because these versions vary greatly in their scope and content, we ask that you contact us with questions by calling 1-888-322-5948 or email us at dealwithit@uniquetraining.com.

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