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Have you ever wanted a diversity training game or an etiquette training game?
The following modules may be purchased separately,
or you can plug these modules into the basic Deal With It set
to have a training game on the follow topics! Each of these optional modules include an answer guide to help with suggested solutions, societal norms and generally accepted best practices.

Deal With It topic and customer service training modules

Business and Workplace Ethics 90 questions to explore your policies and discuss how to handle difficult situations. Issue of honesty, tact, and making unpopular decisions are covered. This is the tool to get your team talking in your business ethics training classes. ($59) Business Ethics training module

Basic Business Etiquette (w/ Clothing & Grooming Supplement): This module has 108 situations and questions covering many business etiquette topics from meeting and greeting customers to appropriate deference to management. Choose from the two Dress and Grooming supplements available for either Casual or Uniformed employees to fit your operations. Each supplement has 45 questions and the set includes Answer Guides. Instead of just a list of do's and don'ts, your team will learn more with business etiquette training discussions. Make it fun with a Business Etiquette Training game. ($89) Business Etiquette training module set

Business Meeting Etiquette This mini-module contains 45 questions and situations with a narrow focus on how to plan, set-up, conduct and act in a business meeting. This module also covers common problems, and how to deal with them with proper business etiquette to make your meeting time productive. ($39) Business Meeting Etiquette training module

Phone Etiquette and Call Center Customer Service This module contains 90 questions covering issues from answering the call to its completion. Phone etiquette issues including: Transferring calls, taking messages, escalating calls to supervisors, and how a person presents themselves while on the phone. This module is ideal for pre-shift call center customer service meetings and is ideal for both new and experienced agents. It includes an answer guide with call center industry service standards. ($59) Phone Etiquette training module

The Non-Discriminatory Workplace, (Diversity Training) This module has 72 questions covering many facets of discrimination and natural biases. More than just age, sex, and race are covered. Use these lively diversity training discussion questions to help your team gain understanding and how to Deal With differences in the workplace. You'll appreciate using this to create a diversity training game. ($59) Diversity training module

Management Basics 180 questions that every manager should investigate. A wide range of subjects is covered, from communications to motivation, time management training to teaching associates. This double module includes Answer Guides with many checklist styles appendices for self or paired study. A great resource for any management training program. (Double Module, $119) Management Skills training module

Employee Relations / Internal Customer Service This module is designed with a focus on the interaction between staff members, the hidden side of service. 90 Question cards are included to make for a fun employee relation training game. ($59) Internal Customer Service training module

Employee Retention This module is ideal for getting your team members to open up about the reasons for employee discontent. Seen from the team member's perspective, it can open the eyes of managers in small discussions or counseling sessions. More than 90 Question cards are included. ($59) Employee Retention training module

Food Safety Training Like all Deal With It modules this is ideal for using in pre-shift crew meetings to stress the importance of these issues to your entire staff, not just your managers. 180 questions and situations form the foundation with room to add in additional material to cover your unique menu items. This is a double module with Answer Guides for self or paired study, and is ideal for restaurant pre-shift meetings. (Double Module, $119) Food Safety training module

Help Desk Edition Designed specifically for your Information Technology group. Both Internal and External customer issues are covered in these 99 situations. These are not technology specific, but do cover many of the common operational issues experienced today. This module is ideal for roll-play and modeling proper help desk service approaches. ($59) Help Desk Service training module

Help Desk Manager's Edition Designed specifically for help desk managers and supervisors. Leadership, Internal and External customer issues are covered 99 questions and situations. ($59) Help Desk Manager training module

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