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Do you have training and HR experience, and are you considering becoming your own boss as a training consultant?

Are you a consultant looking for the additional edge to put your business over the top?

Unique Training Solutions, Inc. is looking for individuals who want to be their own boss and have a legitimate work from home business. If you can use your skills to help others teach their team, you can make money from home as a training consultant!

Unique Training Solutions, Inc. was established in 1998, as a spin-off of Business Games Marketing, Inc. Since then the Deal With It game has gone from being a single customer service training game to an entire library of training topics and industry specific service training modules. Additional training programs include Prosuasion sales training for frontline suggestive selling, QE the quick and easy method for electronically delivered pre-shift meeting materials, QA online assessments, and our electronic flash-card sets.

You can be unique from other consultants and not have just your own skills and experience on your resume. You’ll have the design and delivery team of Unique Training Solutions, Inc. to help serve as part of your foundation. Look at the following products and services we offer that will allow you to spend the time with your clients, making money by having billable hours:

  • Consultation with an experienced advisor, so you can offer solutions to your prospective clients.
  • Customized training program writing and design for your clients by our team, so can concentrate on producing income and not get bogged down with layout and design.
  • More than two hundred industry and topic specific training materials on-the-shelf for fast delivery.
  • High margins to allow you room to negotiate and still make a respectable profit (40%) on both printed and computer based training programs.
  • Multiple Quantity discounts increase your effective profit margin.
  • Set training methods you can plug into for your on-site delivery and facilitation.
  • Printed and CDROM catalogs, and custom printed business cards are available for a professional look.
  • Order fulfillment, where items can ship from us direct to your client, if you desire.

You can begin with our Consultant’s Starter’s Set. You will receive the following:

  • 6 Deal With It Customer Service games – Wholesale $299.50, Retail $594.00
  • 1 Each of our seven popular Topic Modules: Business Etiquette, Business Ethics, Non-discriminatory Workplace (Diversity), Phone Etiquette, Basic Management Skills, Employee Relations, and Employee Retention – Wholesale $299.50, Retail $503.00
  • 12 Printed Color Catalogs – Free (Additional available at cost, $1.25)
  • 12 CD ROM, PDF Catalogs – Free (Additional available at cost, $0.50)
  • Over 100 Color Business Cards – Free (Additional available at $6.00 per 100.)
  • A sample of 25 custom cards produced for previous clients.
  • A web landing page where your clients can order online, and you get paid your full discount.

You can speak with our Sales Manager to learn more by calling 888-322-5948 between 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM EST, or by completing our contact form; if you want to add our products and services to your training consulting business.


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